Whatsapp Android tricks and hacks- 2013

In this part we will discuss About the various whatsapp apps that are used for hacking. As whatsapp Update Quite Frequently There is Chance That some apps Might not work After sometime so please just mention it in comments if it is not working for You

Hack to create Fake  conversation on whatsapp android

Have a Naughty side.? wanna Create A whatsapp Conversation That Never existed Yes You can Do this Now With this App called Whatssaid for whatsapp android.Prank your friends by making up your own WhatsApp conversations and share them with all your friends to see their reaction.

Whatsaid Allow Us to create a fake conversion with any contact in our whatsapp contacts and the best part is it looks like the real deal and its hard to caught.So here is how to do it.

Download This app from the play store Or use this Link  to download or this QR code to download the app

Whatsapp androidthen Just enter the contact You want to create a fake conversion and just enter the text it will give options of which side that message should appear(ya it is this easy)

screenshot whatsapp android

And You are done now You can share it on facebook or troll Your friends

whatsapp android

Whatsapp Hack to Change Friends Profile Picture.(to troll them )

Ya its possible!!.but only on your own phone so you can troll them by using it.

This is how you do it

Step 1. Choose a picture for your friend which you want to replace with your friend profile pic and download it.

Step2. Now Rename the Image with your Friends Mobile Number. For example , i will change it to 9785****** of my friend .

Step3.Resize the image to 561 * 561 using paint by following these steps:

- Right Click the image and "Open With">Paint
- Press Ctrl + W and check "by Pixels"
- Set the values to 561 Height and 561 Width
- Ctrl + S to Save it.

Step 4. now just save the image into your device on the path “/sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures”.

Step 5. Turn of Wifi or Deactivate data network for a while.(till you prank your friend). as his real profile picture will not Download then


Step 6: Show and Appreciate him for his new profile picture by showing him or say you have his whatsapp hack

and he is trolled:D

Trick to share any type of file  (pdf,apk,zip,doc) on whatsapp Android

CloudSend is an whatsapp android app That is used for sending any type of file through any messenger but it is used extensively for android.But for this app to work You need to have dropbox installed on your android.the link of both the apps are given below just download it and install it.

=Dropbox app (Play Store link).

=CloudSend app (Play Store link).

-After Installing  Dropbox and CloudSend on your Android device Open Cloudsend and start setup.

whatsapp android

CloudSend will ask you to link it with your Dropbox account. Without any hassle, allow it.

Now you have completely setup the sharing process.

Now Navigate to the file you wish to share with your friends.

-Long tap on the file and chose share option. Share it with CloudSend.

whatsapp android

CloudSend will upload the selected file on Dropbox. Wait for the upload process.

As soon as upload completes, you’ll get the notification on the notification panel. This notification is containing the sharing link.

Press the notification and you’ll be prompted to share file link via option. Share it via WhatsApp or any other messaging client with the person you wish to share the file with.

whatsapp android

Trick To Hide Your Profile Picture Or Stop Auto download Of Profile Picture on whatsapp Android

As we All know Whatsapp android Automatically download the profile picture Of Contacts On whatsapp .this IS major security Issue In whatsapp android.But We can hide Your profile Pic or stop it From auto download to other device simply by help of this app know as whatsapp plus

This App Allow use to hide our profile pic from particular users and those users will only see the contact pic of yours.You can download this app from the below link. The tutorial is also Given in the Below Link

Whatsapp PLus


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