How to hack Website using SQL Injection with easy Steps

Sql Injection Google dorksHere’s my first tutorial on website hacking usingĀ SQL Injection attack with easy and simple steps. Many of us who are interested in hacking are well known aware about Sql injection attack by name but found it really very hard to understand and Inject Malicious code into url and get website Database. So this tutorial will help them to understand each and every step very easily and apply them accordingly. Continue reading


List of google dorks for sql injection

Sql injection google dorks

Wassup guys, in this post I’m giving you a huge list of Google dorks that you may use for hacking purpose.

Do you know how to use Google ? Sounds a silly question because even children can easily use Google search engine. But the thing is that how efficiently we can make use of Google. Google dorks are nothing but simple search operators that are used to refine our search. Google dorks are also the center of the Google Hacking. Many hackers use Google to find vulnerable webpages and later use these vulnerabilities for hacking.

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